To educate in Clinical Massage* Therapy techniques of Assessment, Treatment and Evaluation of a wide array of soft-tissue problems such as strains, tendonitis, sprains, myofascial trigger points, nerve entrapment, fibromyalgia, and the ever-present host of biomechanical problems resulting from chronic muscle tightness sometimes referred to as Musculoskeletal disorders.


To give the therapist tools to use in his or her Medical Massage* and Sports Massage* Therapy Practice.   Assess and Treat your patients to a new life of health and wellness.  

 Clinical & Wellness Seminars

Continuing Education Workshops to enhance the “Toolbox” in your Practice.


NCBTMB Provider #451363-10


Florida State CE Provider #50-12545

The Principles of Clinical Massage Therapy


The individual is a whole organism:      Everything is connected and related.

Shortened muscles tissue can do no work.

The soft tissue of the body responds to touch.



Clinical Massage:  Problem-solution, “fixing” approach.  Assessments and systematic application of clinical massage techniques.


Medical Massage:  Medical care delivered to the patient under the direction of a prescribing health care provider and typically paid for by a third party.


Sports Massage:  Clinical massage techniques to athletics and others engaged in strenuous physical activities for enhance performance and health maintenance.




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